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If your question is not in this list or you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us (contact@jesorsavecbebe.com).The “jesorsavecbebe” service is offered by Les Petits Cordin, SAS with capital of €45,000 registered with the Companies Register of Versailles.

The “jesorsavecbebe” service is a website and mobile app which can be accessed on the Google Play and Apple App Store download platforms. Les Petits Cordin is not liable for the content of reviews and opinions left by users. 

Why should I register my business with “jesorsavecbebe”?

Jesorsavecbebe was created to inform parents of children from 0 to 4 years old about the places best adapted to young children. By registering with “jesorsavecbebe.com”, you are demonstrating that you want to offer families the best possible experience during their stay or visit to your business. For many parents, knowing the best and worst sides to a visit in advance helps them to get organised and avoid unwelcome surprises.

Do I have to pay to register my business on jesorsavecbebe.com?

No, it is free to register. If you wish, you can also send information to display on the business page and we will create the page for you. This service is billed at €4 excl. VAT After registration, we will send you a “Find us on jesorsavecbebe.com” sticker to display on your door and our logo for your website to show that you accommodate families with babies and young children.

How much will it cost to be listed on jesorsavecbebe.com?

Request the price list by writing to us at
- Registration for our database is free (if we create the page for you: €4 excl. VAT per business, please contact us for several businesses)
- From 1 September 2017: €0.008 excl. VAT per view for each business (i.e. only €8 per 1000 views) The number of views can be tracked in the manager’s personal space.
- It is free for you to manage, add and modify information about your business. If you want us to make these changes for you, we charge €40 excl. VAT per hour for the service in 15 minute segments. Please contact us for more information.  
- Subscription per period for additional services (coming soon) 

I manage a public business, how can I register my business with “jesorsavecbebe”?

You can add your business to our list by clicking on “suggest a business” and ticking the “I am the business manager” box. You can then enter contact information (telephone, email address, website) and a brief description of your business and your ability to accommodate young children.

My business was rated on “jesorsavecbebe” I would like to provide more information about the business, how can I do this?  ?

If your business was already rated by a “jesorsavecbebe” user, you can add information (telephone number, email address, etc.) by registering with our site and clicking on the “I am the business manager” box. This will give you access to the business’s personal space. We recommend that you become a “jesorsavecbebe” partner (contact us at contact@jesorsavecbebe.com) to benefit from promotion of your business.

I manage a chain of businesses, can I add my chain to the list of businesses on jesorsavecbebe?

No, listed sites are individual to ensure that user ratings are relevant.

I think that a bad rating of my business is unjustified or contains incorrect information, what can I do?

As a business manager, you can leave a comment about your business. Your comment will be clearly identified.

I want to remove my business from your database. How can I do this?

We want to offer the best possible service to allow you to improve visibility with families with children from 0 to 4 years old. However if you are not satisfied, you can ask for your business to be removed from our database by sending a letter to:

Jesorsavecbebe-Les Petits Cordin
Promopole, 12 avenue des près
78180 Montigny le Bretonneux