About us

Jesorsavecbebe.com is a site created by 3 dads supported by 3 mums and 6 children who are experts in outings, bottles and nappies.
Fathers who, since the arrival of their children, have wanted to balance family life and outings, walks, shopping, anything!

Olivier CORDIN - President and founder (olivier@jesorsavecbebe.com)

I have two adorable sons aged 4 and 18 months.
After returning from Scotland where I lived for several years, I realised that it was very difficult to obtain information about taking little ones to leisure and public spaces (restaurants, hotels, museums, shopping centres, amusement parks, etc.). You can imagine the day when I visited the palace of Versailles carrying my baby because pushchairs weren’t allowed...
How many times have mums and dads been caught out when travelling or during an outing because they couldn’t prepare in advance?
“Jesorsavecbebe” is based on a simple idea to provide information to mums and dads:
I want to visit a museum with my family.
I check the “jesorsavecbebe.com” site or the “jesorsavecbebe” app.
I check that this business can accommodate me and my baby.
We go there.
My family has a great time enjoying the culture and fun without limitations!

Benoît CORDIN - Managing Director and co-founder (benoit@jesorsavecbebe.com)

I have three wonderful children, two older children who are 14 and 11 and a 2 year old daughter.
Like many parents, I have had to urgently change a nappy during an outing or a meal in a restaurant. I’m sure many have wondered how they are supposed to change their baby’s nappy in tiny bathrooms, bathrooms on a lower floor or bathrooms without the necessary facilities (changing table, tap, paper...)
Jesorsavecbebe is based on a simple idea to provide information to mums and dads:
I am in public and I need to change my daughter’s nappy.
I check the “Jesorsavecbebe” app on my smartphone (iOS or Android).
I chose a rated business near me.
I go there, I change my baby’s nappy and I use the services on offer.
I take the time to have a small coffee...
I leave - baby is changed, mum or dad is relaxed and the business is happy.

Issam RACHEDI - Communications Manager (issam@jesorsavecbebe.com)

I have a wonderful 2 year old son. Like many young parents, I like to go out, visit and discover new places. Since the arrival of our son, my wife and I have often found it difficult to juggle our baby and our social life.
Like many parents, I have been frustrated more than once when trying to find the magic place where I can go shopping, go for a walk, eat and give my son a bottle or reheated food in the right conditions without him having to stay in his pushchair or sit on our knees. Who hasn’t left a restaurant due to problems getting in or a lack of facilities for babies?
“Jesorsavecbebe” is a simple and effective way to organise these enjoyable outings with our babies.
We love to travel overseas, so we are counting on the development of this project and a growing community to have information available on “jesorsavecbebe” from outside of France.
Jesorsavecbebe is based on a simple idea to provide information to mums and dads:

I want to go out with my wife, son and friends.
I check restaurant facilities on the “jesorsavecbebe.com” website.
I go there!
We have a wonderful evening.