If your question is not in this list or you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us (contact@jesorsavecbebe.com).The “jesorsavecbebe” service is offered by Les Petits Cordin, SAS with capital of €45,000 registered with the Companies Register of Versailles.

The “jesorsavecbebe” service is a website and mobile app which can be accessed on the Google Play and Apple App Store download platforms. Les Petits Cordin is not liable for the content of reviews and opinions left by users. 

Who is the “jesorsavecbebe” website and mobile app aimed at?

Jesorsavecbebe is aimed at parents, grandparents, families and friends of parents with children from 0 to 4 years old who want information on access, services and facilities provided for young children by public businesses (hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, museums and cultural venues, leisure and tourist sites). This allows them to better prepare for their outings and enjoy time spent out with their children.  Our motto: Parents should live life to the full, and babies should enjoy days out!

Jesorsavecbebe is also aimed at public businesses (hotels, restaurants, leisure sites, cultural sites, shopping centre managers) who want to underline their commitment to accommodate young children and their family.

What information can I find at “jesorsavecbebe.com” and on the “jesorsavecbebe” app?

Jesorsavecbebe lists public businesses and members of its user community rate them: Hotels (and B&B, campsites, etc.), restaurants (and tea rooms, cafés, etc.), leisure sites and parks, tourist and cultural sites (castles, museums, etc.) and shopping centres. Each business is rated based on 4 criteria:
1/ Access: Is it easy to get to the site?
2/ Facilities: Can I leave my pushchair in a dedicated area, is there a play area for my child?
3/ Services: What services are offered (food, highchair, pushchair rental, etc.)

4/Baby changing: Can I easily change my child’s nappy?

Users give each criterion a rating out of 5. The overall rating corresponds to the average score for each criterion.
When you view business pages, you can see extra information on each criterion by hovering over the individual scores for each rating.

Is the “jesorsavecbebe” app available on iPhone or Android?

Yes, our mobile app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. We cannot provide a Windows Phone accessible version for smartphones and tablets at the moment. However, Windows Phone users can access our website which contains the same information as the app.

  • Is the “jesorsavecbebe” app free?

Yes, it is free to download and use.

Do I need to register to view pages for rated businesses on the “jesorsavecbebe” site or app?

No, it is totally free to view ratings and information about all rated businesses and sites.

Can I register and rate a business?

Yes, of course. All public businesses in France and overseas can be rated. Our aim is to share as much useful information as possible with our user community and partner businesses to help parents when they go out with their children.

How can I become a member of the “jesorsavecbebe” community?

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, family member or just interested in the challenge of accommodating young children in public places, you can become a member of our community for free. You just need to register on our website jesorsavecbebe.com by clicking on the “Register” tab and answering the questions so we can get to know you better. The registered user database is subject to a CNIL declaration (declaration no. 1923934 v 0). In the event of multiple breaches of the TCU, Les Petits Cordin reserves the right to delete the user accounts in question without warning.

What personal information do you collect? What are my rights?

During registration, you will be asked for your surname, first name, email address, username and password. This information is required for registration. 
To get to know you better and target our commercial partners, we ask you to complete a form with optional personal information (number of children, age of children, shopping habits). This information can be sent to our commercial partners. Only authorised “Les Petits Cordin” partners can access and process this information. Access is protected by a password.
All information is stored whilst you are subscribed to the “jesorsavecbebe” service.
You can unsubscribe from the service at any time by clicking on the link provided for this purpose in your personal space.

Pursuant to the “data protection and privacy” law dated 6 January 1978 and amended in 2004, you have the right to access and rectify your personal information. You can exercise this right either by logging in to your personal space or by contacting jesorsavecbebe - Les Petits Cordin (contact@jesorsavecbebe.com; Promopole, 12 avenue des près, 78180, Montigny le Bretonneux, France)

You can also oppose the processing of your data for legitimate reasons. In this case, we ask that you send a request by email or a letter to the addresses indicated above.

How can I leave a rating?

Only jesorsavecbebe community members can leave ratings on sites in our database or add and rate new sites. Registration with “jesorsavecbebe” is free for private users.
There are 2 ways to leave a rating:
1/ the business is already in the list of businesses, either because it has already been rated by other users or because it is a jesorsavecbebe partner business. You just need to click on the “add a comment” tab and follow the instructions
2/ The business that you want to rate is not in our business database. You just need to click on the “add a business” tab and follow the instructions 
In both cases, once logged in, you just need to follow the instructions and answer the questions. A “comments” box allows you to give your opinion on the business you are rating and add additional information at the end of your rating (number of steps to access the site, how many highchairs, is the changing table in a dedicated space, etc.). New businesses and new ratings are published after moderation within 24 hours after submission. Any comment containing insults or discriminatory language will be rejected.

I stayed in a hotel/restaurant, which category should I use for the business?

To allow other members of the community to better understand your rating, we have decided to only allow you to choose one business category. A hotel/restaurant does offer two services in two different fields. You can therefore choose to register the business twice, as a hotel and as a restaurant, if you wish.  If you prefer to “group” your ratings, you should either choose the “Hotel” or “Restaurant” category. Don’t forget to mention the other category in your comments.

Can I follow you on social networks?

Yes, Jesorsavecbebe is active on social networks. Through these networks, we want to connect with site and app users and allow private and/or business users to have discussions. You can follow us on the social wall on our homepage and our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ pages...

You can send us photos of your outings and tell us about your experiences. These pages are areas for discussion. Take a look and get involved! Follow us to enter contests and benefit from partner offers! By using social networks, you accept the rules and TCU of these services.